K-means is a widely used clustering algorithm in machine learning community. It iteratively computes the distance between each training point to every centroids, re-assigns the training point to new cluster and re-compute the new centroid of each cluster.

Implementation of Harp-DAAL-Kmeans

Harp-DAAL-Kmeans is built upon Harp’s original K-means parallel implementation, where it uses a regroup and another allgather to synchronize model data, i.e. centroids, among each mapper. The difference between original Harp-Kmeans and Harp-DAAL-Kmeans is their local computation kernel. Harp-DAAL-Kmeans uses DAAL’s K-means kernel, where the computation of point-centroid distance is transformed into BLAS-level 3 matrix-matrix operations. This replacement significantly improves the computation intensity of the local computation, generating highly vectorized codes when compared to original Harp-Kmeans.

A Code Walk through of Harp-DAAL-Kmeans

At the inter-node level, Harp-DAAL-Kmeans launches a group of harp-mappers, The master mapper (node) will load the centroids data and broadcast it to all the each mappers. The mappers will then take a portion of the partitioned training data points.

// Load centroids
Table<DoubleArray> cenTable =
new Table<>(0, new DoubleArrPlus());
if (this.isMaster()) {
createCenTable(cenTable, numCentroids,
numCenPars, cenVecSize);
loadCentroids(cenTable, cenVecSize, cenDir + File.separator + Constants.CENTROID_FILE_NAME, conf);

// Bcast centroids
bcastCentroids(cenTable, this.getMasterID());

//pointArrays are used in daal table with feature dimension to be
//vectorSize instead of cenVecSize
List<double[]> pointArrays =
KMUtil.loadPoints(fileNames, pointsPerFile,
vectorSize, conf, numThreads);

At next step, each mapper will create a NumericTable of DAAL’s Java API and load Harp’s data into it.

//create a daal NumericTable to hold training point data at native side
long tableSize = totalLength/nFeature;
NumericTable pointsArray_daal = new HomogenBMNumericTable(daal_Context, Double.class, nFeature, tableSize, NumericTable.AllocationFlag.DoAllocate);

int row_idx = 0;
int row_len = 0;
for (int k=0; k<pointArrays.size(); k++) 
row_len = (array_data[k].length)/(int)nFeature;
//release data from Java side to native side
((HomogenBMNumericTable)pointsArray_daal).releaseBlockOfRowsByte(row_idx, row_len, array_data[k]);
row_idx += row_len;

At the loop for iteration, each mapper will first load data from harp side to DAAL’s table container. After the local computation by DAAL’s K-means kernel, the centroids will be copied back into harp side for collective regroup and allgather operations. Thus, each mapper will get its local model data synchronized to be latest.

for (int i = 0; i < numIterations; i++) {

long t1 = System.currentTimeMillis();

/**  the codes to prepare the data for daal **/

//create the daal numeric table at native side
long tableSize_cen = totalLength_cen/nFeature_cen;
NumericTable cenTable_daal = new HomogenBMNumericTable(daal_Context, Double.class, nFeature_cen, tableSize_cen, NumericTable.AllocationFlag.DoAllocate);
double[] buffer_array_cen = new double[(int)totalLength_cen];

/** convert centroids from harp to daal table **/

//release the array into daal side cenTable
((HomogenBMNumericTable)cenTable_daal).releaseBlockOfRowsByte(0, tableSize_cen, buffer_array_cen);
kmeansLocal.input.set(InputId.inputCentroids, cenTable_daal);

//invoke the compute kernel to do the local computation
PartialResult pres = kmeansLocal.compute();

//retrieve the partial sum for centroids
double[] partialSum = (double[]) ((HomogenNumericTable)pres.get(PartialResultId.partialSums)).getDoubleArray(); 
//retrieve the sum of counts of data points for each centroid
double[] nObservations = (double[]) ((HomogenNumericTable)pres.get(PartialResultId.nObservations)).getDoubleArray();

/** convert centroids from daal table to list **/

// Allreduce
regroup("main", "regroup-" + i, cenTable,
new Partitioner(this.getNumWorkers()));

/**  calculate the average value in multi-threading **/

allgather("main", "allgather-" + i, cenTable);


Running the codes

Make sure that the code is placed in the /harp/ml/daal directory. Run the harp-daal-kmeans.sh script here to run the code.

cd $HARP_ROOT/ml/daal

The details of script is here