rotate aims to swap tables among workers. If rotateMap isn’t specified, the ith worker will get (i + n - 1) % nth worker’s table and send its table to (i + 1) % nth worker. All workers should run it concurrently. The defination of the method is:

boolean rotate(final String contextName, final String operationName, Table<P> globalTable, Int2IntMap rotateMap, DataMap dataMap, Workers workers)
  • contextName — the name of the context
  • operationName — the name of the operation
  • globalTable — the name of the global data table
  • rotateMap — the map indicating the order of rotation
  • dataMap — the data map
  • workers — the workers


rotate(contextName, "max-rotate-" + i + "-" + j, cenTable, null, dataMap, workers);